How to use WhatsApp dark mode on Android, iOS and desktop

Have your eyes thanking you by knowing how to use WhatsApp dark mode when you’re chatting away late at night.
A new WhatsApp feature makes the app easier to see in poorly lit surroundings, and knowing how to switch on dark mode can help prevent you from having to strain your eyes.
Considering that the WhatsApp is currently one of the most used apps around, this should help serial-texters a great deal.
Below is the step-by-step guide to the entire process on how to use WhatsApp dark mode on Android, iOS and desktop.
How to use WhatsApp dark mode on Android
Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Tap on Settings

Tap the Chats option as seen below.
Go to Themes located at the top

Go in the ‘Choose theme’ window and toggle the ‘Dark’ setting.

Yeap, you’ve now activated WhatsApp dark mode.

How to do the same on iPhoneUnfortunately, on iOS devices it’s not possible to simply switch on dark mode for WhatsApp exclusively. But there’s a way around via iPhone’s default settings to dark mode, WhatsApp will follow suit.
Gyour iPhone’s Settings app.
Select the “Display & Brightness” option

Now toggle the Dark appearance setting

Now you’ve now activated your iPhone’s dark mode which would work for WhatsApp as well.

How to do the same on desktop
Go the three dots located just above your chat logs.

Select the Settings option in the drop-down menu

Go to the option titled “Theme.”

Toggle here the “Dark” bubble and click on OK

WhatsApp dark mode on your desktop activated.

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